Daily Pie Chart and Risk [Starter Activity]


The purpose of this activity is to get the participants to assess what their daily or weekly tasks are, and analyse how much of their working time are spent on each task. There are two parts to this exercise, the creation of the pie charts of their weekly or daily tasks, which ends in a small sharing session of their results. And the second part is figuring out where in their tasks they feel most at risk. It is important for the facilitator to not bring up the idea of risk until the second part of the activity.

This is a very basic way to do risk assessment that focuses on the tasks that they do and known risks that they commonly face at work. This activity should be done with a deeper risk assessment activity.

Learning objectives this activity responds to

  • apply risk assessment frameworks on their personal and / or organisational security

Who is this activity for?

  • For participants who have not done any kind of risk assessment.
  • This works for groups that do almost the same things throughout their work days.
  • This would work as a starter exercise for an organisation that is going to do an organisational risk assessment.

Time required

1.5 hours, minimum


  • Flip chart paper + markers


First Part: Draw Your Pie Chart

Each participant will be given a piece of paper where they would be asked to draw a circle, and divide the circle with their daily or weekly tasks in the organisation. The divisions should reflect the time they spend per task.

For the facilitator: Encourage the participants to be as specific as possible in listing down their tasks.

At the end of the drawing period, the group comes back together and discusses the following questions:

  1. Which tasks do each of them spend time in the most?
  2. Which tasks do the different participants share?
  3. Which of the tasks they are not spending that much time on do they wish they could have more time for? And why?

Basically, just have an open discussion to process their pie charts.

Second Part: Identifying Work Risks

Ask the participants to reflect on their pie charts and answer the following questions:

  1. Of the tasks you do for your organisation, which do you feel has the most risk? What kind of risk? And why?
  2. How are you able to address the risks that you have in that task? Describe your strategies.

Then come back to the big group and have a discussion.

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