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Learning Activities & Learning Paths

This page will guide you through the Module's correct use and understanding. Following the Learning Paths, with activities of varying depth, should allow participants to obtain a better grasp of the studied subjects.

Learning Paths

How you can use the activities below – and combine them – will depend on:

  • the purpose of your workshop (are you raising awareneness or are you expecting to come up with strategies to respond to online GBV?);
  • your participants (are they survivors on online GBV? Or is their experience more removed?);
  • your own experience in facilitating these kind of workshops (are you a seasoned digital storytelling facilitator? A digital security trainer who is now getting into online GBV? Or a campaigner who is expected to run an online GBV workshop as one of your campaign´s activities?);
  • the time you have available to you to run a workshop

These learning paths are recommendations for how you can mix and match the activities in this module to create a workshop on Online GBV.

We recommend beginning with Online GBV or Not? to spark discussion, surface shared understandings of online GBV, and clarify key concepts. This activity would work if your workshop is more general awareness-raising.

Following that, depending on time and the context, you can work with participants using the Deconstructing Online GBV or Story Circle activities to deepen the group's understanding of online GBV, and to ground the conversation in experiences of people in the room (Story Circle) or case studies (Deconstructing Online GBV). Both deepening activities may cause participants distress, they require preparation.

For the Story Circle activity, specifically, facilitation will need a lot of care and consideration. We do not recommend this activity for solo facilitators, and for those who are just beginning to do these kinds of workshops.

There are Tactical activities that are meant for strategising on response to online GBV. The TakeBacktheTech Game focuses on general approaches to addressing online GBV. If you have limited time, the Tactical Activity: Meme This! is shorter and faster. It could also be a light activity after a heavy one like the Story Circle on Online GBV. Planning Response to Online GBV activity aimed towards coming up with a more comprehensive response strategy to specific incidents.

The activity Mapping Digital Safety could be a standalone workshop with a focus on framing Online GBV with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Some suggested combinations:
If you have half a day for your workshop,
then Online GBV Or Not? followed by Meme This!
If your workshop is focused on strategising and you have limited time,
we recommend jumping straight into the TakeBacktheTech Game.
If your workshop is about having a comprehensive response to online GBV incidents,
then we suggest doing the Deconstructing Online GBV,
followed the Tactical Activity: Planning Response to Online GBV.

Learning Activities

Starter Activities


Deepening Activities


Tactical Activities



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