Learning Activities, Learning Paths & Further Reading

This page will guide you through the Module's correct use and understanding. Following the Learning Paths, with activities of varying depth, should allow participants to obtain a better grasp of the studied subjects.

Learning Paths

For trainers/facilitators who are interested in any specific activity, you can use one or a few in combination. We recommend beginning with a starter activity to open discussion and sharing by participants about their mobile phone experience and how gender, sexuality, race, class, ability, are related to and impact their experiences.

Some specific recommendations: For groups who are considering how to use mobiles for documenting violence we recommend the deepening activity Documenting Violence to open space for debate and discussion about challenges and opportunities of documenting violence and the tactical activity Using mobiles for documenting violence: Planning and practicing.

For groups who want to use mobiles for communications for actions and organizing we recommend the tactical activities including Planning mobile comms and Back it up, lock it, delete it.

For participants using mobiles for online dating and sexting, we recommend starter activity Collecting phones and tactical activities Reboot your online dating safety and Safer sexting.

Learning Activities

Starter Activities


Deepening Activities


Tactical Activities


External and Tool-based Activities

Where modules include practice and use of specific tools and software, we have linked to external resources. We do this for a few reasons: tool designs and features and security issues change frequently and so it is best for us to link out to resources that are updated frequently.

Special Note for Mobile Safety Training

It is very rare that all the participants in your workshop would have the same kind of mobile phone. It is a good idea to do hands-on in smaller groups: for iPhone users, for different versions of Android, and/or for feature phone users.

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