Himalaya Trekking [Starter Activity]


This is an introductory activity to raise participants' awareness about mobile security and for both participants and facilitators to assess the kinds of safety measures participants are taking and the vulnerabilities that might be the largest priorities to address. We recommend doing this at the start of a workshop about mobile safety.

Learning objectives this activity responds to

  • shared and practiced strategies and tactics for mobile safety to manage the impacts of our mobile communications on ourselves, our colleagues, our movements.

Who is this activity for?

This can work for anyone who uses a mobile phone or has used one.

Time required

This activity will require about 30 minutes.


Facilitator ask the participants to stand in a line shoulder to shoulder. Ask questions about mobile security of the participants. Instruct participants to take a step forward if their answer to the question is yes, a step backwards if their answer is no.

Example questions:

  • Do you have a screen lock?
  • Do you use app locks?
  • Do you have an unregistered SIM?
  • Do you use an alternative email (not your main email account) for your phone?
  • Have you set up remote access (Find my phone) on your phone?
  • Are location services turned on your phone?
  • Do you have a backup of the media on your phone (photos, messages, videos, etc)?
  • Do you have an anti-virus on your phone?

Debrief - 5-10 min

Ask participants if they have any comments or observations to share. Facilitator, debrief and connect participants' trekking to the agenda for the day or series of sessions you will be together.

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