FTX Safety Reboot Convening 2018 Draft Agenda

Overall design and activities

Goals of the convening

  • Bring together feminist practitioners and trainers working on digital safety and self-care to unpack, understand, apply, adapt, contextualise and deepen the FTX: Safety Reboot curriculum on feminist digital security which APC WRP is building.
  • Create a space for skill and knowledge sharing on methodologies, approaches and pedagogies for building confidence, growing knowledge and uptake in this area by women's rights and feminist activists in different movements.
  • Integrate feminist work on the politics of care and well-being into the field of digital security and promote and support political kinship, solidarity and a deepened understanding of the feminist practice of technology.
  • Facilitate building a trusted network of feminist trainers and facilitators for collaborative work, continued exchange and active solidarity in this area.

Day 1: Grounding ourselves and our work

The first day will be about talking about rooting the convening on three levels:

  • the context that brought everyone together: WRP´s work, FTX safety reboot, the plans for a feminist commons, etc
  • the world that we live in and do our holistic security work: discussion of issues that we face, and that our participants face
  • what it means to be a feminist trainer

Proposed activities

  • Participant intros and agenda setting (This might happen on two levels: one with the participants from the FTX Convening and the TBTT Global Meet-up, and again in the FTX space.)
  • Part of the morning will be merged with the TBTT Meet-up
  • Grounding ourselves holistically [title pending] (session to be led by Sandra and Cynthia)
  • Visualising where we work in, who we work with and who we are as trainers
  • A session on the world in which online gender-based violence happens (merged with the TBTT folks)

Day 2: Challenging ourselves

The second day will be mostly about having facilitated sessions about the challenges we face as trainers, and different ways of doing the training work that we do. These suggestions are largely based on the responses to the survey that we sent to the participants. We can accommodate about 5, 1.5 sessions for this day.

  • Integrating well-being and self-care in our work (to be led by Sandra and Cynthia)
  • Digital Security At The Grassroots (Bishakha volunteered to lead this)
  • Organisational security (co-facilitated by Bex and Dhyta)
  • [Late afternoon] Fish bowl session on risk assessment (convergence with the TBTT Meet-up)

Other possible topics.

  • Re-imagining how we train (storytelling, the use of art, avoiding fear-based tactics, not using military language, etc)
  • Re-imagining risk assessment
  • Countering online gender-based violence

Day 3: Exploring ways forward

This day will do focused work on the FTX modules. At the end of Day 2, it would be good to have teams of people who are looking at the parts of the FTX Safety Reboot that they want to work on more.

On Day 3, we give them time to look at the parts and to reflect on the following questions:

  • How will this module be useful in your context? How would you change it? What would you add?
  • What are the points in the module that will cause your participants stress? And how will you address that?
  • What do you need as a trainer - facilitator to be able to apply this module? Skills, knowledge, experience, prep work?

And in their teams, they can discuss suggestions for improvement.

(I really want to have time for folks to try out activities with each other, and perhaps with the TBTT folks. But that would take time. So any ideas around how we can do that would be welcome.)

Day 4: Working together?

For this day, maybe leftover work from Day 3. But also, have conversations about:

  • sustaining ourselves as trainers
  • the feminist commons
  • how we work together in the future, opportunities for collaboration
  • what happens to the FTX modules

We will also be interfacing with the TBTT folks towards the end.

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