Evaluate your training: Training Evaluation Tools

Why evaluate?

  • To do it better next time.
  • To design follow-up support for participants around the workshop learning objectives.


+/-/delta This is a simple method for participants and trainers to share input. We suggest doing this at the end of a workshop for single-day workshops, and at the end of each day for multi-day workshops. We suggest simple feedback methods for the end of workshops because people will tend to be fatigued, with attention wandering, by the end of a training period. A method like this can be quick and participants can choose to share details based on their preferences.

Ask each participant to consider and share things they think were good, things that were bad, and things that should change.

Depending on the time available and the resources you have on hand, participants can write their responses on pieces of paper and hand them to the facilitator, or you can go around and get each participant to say their responses out loud while a facilitator writes them down.

After everyone has shared, trainers/facilitators sit together, share their own +/-/delta reflections as facilitators, and review the participants' +/-/delta reflections. You can use these to:

  • Create a list of learnings to share with other trainers/facilitators.
  • Make adjustments to this and future workshops.
  • Design your follow-up with participants.

One-week follow-up Follow up with hosts and participants to share any resources from the trainings you are able to share (facilitation guide, slides, handouts, etc.) and any reflections you may have about the workshop and next steps.

Three-month follow-up Follow up with the hosts and participants to ask about the impact of the workshop. This is a good time to ask people if they have implemented tools and tactics, revisited their own strategies, etc., as a result of your training.

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