Introductions of Internet Love [Starter Activity]


This activity is aimed towards encouraging the participants to think about how beneficial the internet has been -- personally, professionally, in movement building and networking. This activity is especially useful for the beginning of a workshop and / or for participants who have a lot of negative sentiments for the internet.

Participants introduce each other with their name, organisation, country and one thing they love about the internet - personally, for their activism or in general. They cannot repeat what anyone else has said. This can be done standing in a circle to see each other clearly and encourage short interventions. To make sure no participant takes up too much time, one option is to have each participant light a match and finish before it burns down (have a container for the hot matches on hand.)

Resources needed for this activity

  • matches
  • something to hold hot stubs

Time required

10-15 minutes depending on the number of participants, approximately 40 seconds each.

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