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The Cloud [Starter Activity]


This is a visualization activity. The purpose of this activity is to facilitate discussion about cloud storage and data privacy. This activity is not meant to deepen awareness of privacy, but rather have the participants reflecting on their individual notions of privacy on the cloud.

Learning objectives this activity responds to

  • to understand a feminist perspective in the digital space about full control over personal data and information online

Who is this activity for?

This activity can be used with participants with different levels of experience with privacy issues relating to the cloud.

Time required

45 minutes

Resources needed for this activity

  • Sheets of blank A4 paper for drawing
  • Markers


This is a visualization exercise on how the cloud works. Participants will be given paper and markers to draw.

Individual visualization: 15 min

Ask the participants to visualize the cloud as a physical space and draw the space on their papers. You could ask them to reflect on the following:

  • How does the space look?
  • Who is controlling this space?
  • Can you see what is happening inside the space?
  • Can you and your community audit/test the space?

Full Group Debrief: 25 min

To process, ask them about the exercise and reflections/insights that they had as they were drawing.

Some guide questions for the debrief are:

  • How did each participant visualize the bubble to look like?
  • Who was controlling the entrance to your space?
  • Based on how much of the space was accessible to you, is your cloud proprietary or open-source?
  • What would be the difference between proprietary and open-source cloud storage?
  • Which kind of cloud storage would you prefer and why?

You can then reflect upon their responses and discuss them with the group.

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