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Mechanics (3) & Additional resources



(3) Make a plan: Address the risks of the spaces that you are using

Using the Dream Spaces or Redesigned Spaces as examples, have the participants make plans for implementing this space online.

This would be most useful if they have active spaces they want to secure and safeguard.

Issues to consider here:

  • Privacy settings on social media – is it enough? What are the limitation of available settings?
  • Considering moving to non-commercial spaces – what are the barriers?
  • Safer options for online communications – tools that offer encryption by default.
Consideration Platform or Space How will you address this
Who can see what Twitter (this is an example) Review my privacy settings; consider content that I post, respond to, like, and the default privacy settings on different types of content; reduce the number people I'm linked to; prohibit tagging
Do you know everyone you're linked to   review my connections; remove connections to people I do not know;
Do you want to use your real name; anonymity and how hard it is   use a pseudonym; prevent others from naming you with your real name
Do you want to share your location   No, I do not want to automatically share my location; turn off location services; limit photo posts showing my location


Consideration Platform or Space How will you address this
Ensuring that I am logging out f-book do not save password in browser; review setting on f-book for automatic logout
2-factor on accounts and devices   set up 2-factor to be more certain that only I am logging in
Shared accounts   review who has access to shared accounts; review password policies on these accounts


Consideration Platform or Space How will you address this
Device-level safety Twitter or any app do not automatically log in to any apps or through browsers
Do I want notifications to show on my devices   turn off audio and visual notifications

Group Administration

If you are working with a group to implement a space online, use the following table of questions and work through the answers, finding the appropriate settings on the platform you are using to implement the group's preferences.

Example design/implementation table:

Well-being Note: Bringing up risk and technology concepts might cause participants stress. Be aware of this. Pause for a breathing exercise. Or allow participants to take a walk around the venue to decompress when they need to.

Additional resources

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