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A colheita e os caminhos que se abrem

Finalização e Pós produção

Adubando o terreno

Caminhos da Aprendizagem.

Case Studies

Case Studies, which can be used to learn, discuss and engage in groups, give deeper insight and experiences into Tips and trick...

Creating Safe Online Spaces

Facilitate learning and building capacity on creating safe online spaces, specifically for at-risk groups and individuals. W...

Creative commons licensing, distribution and attribution

Deepening Activity

Activities that are meant to expand and dig into the topics and themes.

Embedding Digital Safety in Storytelling

Issues on digital safety as it applies to digital storytelling.

Feminist Principles of the Internet

Conduct activities to introduce and enhance feminists' appreciation of the Feminist Principles of the Internet. Have interactiv...

Fertilizing the soil

Learning Paths.


To fully understand our training curriculum and its modules.


Older than most of us think and runs from feminism, to politics and civic activism, to anti-racist struggles under different na...

Introdução e Objetivos de Aprendizagem

Bem vindxs à Gincana Monstra!

Introduction & Overview

Designed to increase participants’ understanding of internet governance and how it relates to activism on sexuality rights. ...

Introduction and Learning Goals

Welcome to Gincana Monstra!

Introduction, Personal stories for transformation

Laying the Foundations

Preparation Activities. Before starting to choose the topics to be addressed along the journey, or building up sessions, we ...

Learning Objectives & Activities

This page will guide you through the Module's correct use and understanding. Following the Learning Paths, with activities of v...

Mobile Safety

Work with participants to share strategies and tactics for using their mobile phones more safely in situations and contexts whe...